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The Bump Chronicles- week 14

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Most of week 14 was spent feeling like $hit courtesy of a cold and upper respiratory tract infection. I’m mostly recovered from the yuckiness but not 100% yet, at least I’m able to go back to work. Things at work are intense, it comes with the field, every few months job security is up in the air…

Something interesting that I’ve been dealing with is the peer pressure to find out the sex of the baby. Fox and I have agreed that we won’t have an ultrasound unless there’s a medical reason for it which means that if everything is ok we won’t find out the sex until D day. But it’s amazing how friends, coworkers and even other moms in pregnancy forums are obsessed with ultrasounds and knowing.

I admit, I am mighty curious and I would prefer to buy other colors besides yellow and green but at the same time I don’t want to melt baby’s brain cells with ultrasound waves just to satisfy our vanity. I just tell myself about all of the millions of women that didn’t know what they were having until the midwife/doctor/daddy made the announcement at birth and they were just fine and it didn’t cause a shopping crisis.

I know the above statements open a whole can of worms about the supposed safety record of ultrasounds and I am not looking to debate. I hold no judgment for those that choose to have multiple ultrasounds during their pregnancies, I myself already had one early on to determine my due date and I am not opposed to getting another one if there is a medical need for it I simply choose to treat it like the medical procedure that it is and not take it as a fun and recreational “let’s see what the baby looks like this week” approach.

Enough rantings, back to updates. I’m so hormonal I cry very easily, my weak spot, animals (although surprisingly enough I am starting to develop feelings towards humans too). Last night I cried on TV over the funeral of a fictional cat, FICTIONAL! No cats had to die for the recording of this scene.

The previous night I couldn’t get through watching the second Babe movie, all of the (usually funny) challenges the characters where experiencing had me crying uncontrollably. Isn’t that fun?

And now I leave you with the bump at week 14. I start week 15 tomorrow, don’t know if there will be weekly bump pictures but we will aim for at least monthly…

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