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The Bump Chronicles- almost week 16

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So I find it interesting that people at work who never talked to me or shown an interest in whether I lived or die are suddenly all very interested in the pregnancy and all ask the same question: “do you know what you are having?”/ “do you want to know?” and variations thereof.

This has quickly become my pet peeve question du jour, reminiscent of when I always wore a pentacle and people kept asking “what does it mean?”. Both innocent questions, but both highly annoying when being asked over a dozen times per day.

My standard response to the “what do you want to have?” question has become “healthy…. human…” that usually gets the point across and if I’m lucky it won’t be met by judgment and lectures of “how can I possibly wait”, “aren’t I curious?”, “but you must have a preference” and (my favorite) “what am I going to do about shopping”.

So I have a feeling that as the bump becomes more obvious the question will remain as a symbolic pentacle on my neck begging to have random people known and stranger alike ask the same question day in and out. And I thought that the only thing that I had to fear was people touching my belly uninvited.

Yes, I dread the day when people start to do that, I’d much rather have them stare at my belly than try to touch it. As of right now only my husband and midwife have unlimited belly touching rights, anybody else must be invited or else I’ll have to suppress violent inclinations at the violation of personal space that I’m not sure I’ll be able to contain. And yes, I’m already planning the design for a “hands off the belly” shirt.

But since it’s not practical to wear a warning shirt everyday I hope most people have enough respect to not attempt it and the rest get the point from a glare and back down.

On other news, midwife appointment later today so there may or may not be another post soon.

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