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The Bump Chronicles- almost week 20

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So I just realized that I did 2 posts for week 18 but none for week 19.  Since I’m still technically on week 19 (will be on week 20 tomorrow if we go by ultrasound dates or Thursday if we go by midwife’s math)… I figured that I would combine the two posts into one.

So yes, I do look preggo, whoever had any doubts should have them settled by now, like some people at work that didn’t seem to have heard the gossip and didn’t notice until they saw me walking around with a bump hugging shirt this week.

Now I wouldn’t feel bad for using the stork parking spot at Babies R Us, except that I haven’t gone there except for once in my life, lol.

This is me at 19 week in full maternity dress, lol.

Now I have to lean forward to be able to make sure that my shoes match:

Today we had another midwife appointment, everything is proceeding smoothly, we got a new recording of the heartbeat and started to discuss more things that had been postponed previously as being too soon.  This coming week marks the halfway point in Baby Fox’s cooking process, I am starting to feel like I need to stop procrastinating or I’ll be crunched and stressed near the end with learning and decisions to be made.

pregnancy cartoon

Thankfully I haven’t had much in the way of weird cravings, I do get a lot of “hmmm, I could really go for some _____” but that’s nothing new, I used to get that pre-bump.  The odd craving that I get regularly is caffeine, in the form of soda of all things.

I have never been a caffeine fan (with the exception of a short lived black tea addiction a few years ago), I’ve been known to go for years at a time without drinking any caffeinated dark cola and not miss it.  Now that I’m pregnant and making a conscious effort of avoiding caffeine, I find myself drooling over the top of drinking pepsi or coke, stuff I never really would drink if I could help it.

So my compromise is to get one serving per week in the form of a coke slurpee from 7-eleven.  It brings me so much joy… at the same time I’ve felt with the utter disappointment of going to the store and discovering that the machine is broken or that specific flavor is not available, I take those news hard!

And because situations like this are oh so helpful…

(I apologize for the crappy quality, I scanned it from a book.)

I find it helpful when others share their experiences, I do welcome and appreciate that.  It’s the individuals that dwell on the “everything that could go wrong, did go wrong” aspect without mentioning any positives (like you did get a baby in the end after all, isn’t that good?) that bug me.  Why are they trying to scare me with all the horrible things that could possibly happen, it’s not like I can change my mind now.

I do cherish those women that give a fair and balanced view of their experiences outlining both negatives and positive aspects, that part is truly helpful.

pregnancy cartoon

And yes, my appetite has greatly increased. Not only do I get hungry more often (although thankfully I’m now more likely to sleep through the night without having to get up to snack) but I’m also eating larger portions. The other day I finished a huge taco salad and was still looking around to see what I could eat next.

I actually have to be careful not to over do it, I can’t really justify the “eating for 2” mentality because it’s not meant to imply “eat twice as much” since baby Fox only needs an extra fraction of the calories I need. I’ve gained 5 pounds since my last prenatal a month ago, the most so far but still within “normal” range.

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