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The Bump Chronicles- week 27

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So after a first trimester that seemed to have lasted a year (probably due to near constant morning sickness and anxiety), the second trimester zoomed by me so fast that the third trimester snuck up on me without warning! It still feels like 2 weeks ago that I entered the 2nd trimester.

I guess I should have seen it coming, I had noticed that the “walk in the park” comfortable second trimester hadn’t been so comfortable lately with increased back aches, swelling feet and other minor inconveniences. Despite having woken up in the middle of the night crying in pain from the horrible leg cramp from hades in which my muscle cramped in 3 different places simultaneously radiating pain into one uber painful spot and leaving me sore for hours… I’m not tired of being pregnant. I actually feel that this experience is flashing before my eyes in a blur and I’m not being able to experience it fully.

I’m sure that I’ll write the opposite in another Bump Chronicle a few months from now but I think that’s part of the natural progression of things.

pregnancy cartoon

Now everybody says “the baby will be here soon!”, “you’re in the home stretch!” and all other sorts of upbeat encouraging comments except my brain is not accepting them as encouraging because all that my brain sees is the fact that the clock is ticking and we’re not ready!

Granted, ready is a big word with many facets of definition. In my brain’s current definition of the word it isn’t so bad. By not ready it means that we don’t have a lot of the essential baby supplies, we don’t have a nursery setup, the house is still a mess with moving boxes and stuff that hasn’t yet been arranged in its final place and other petty stuff like that… All which can be fixed with plenty of time to spare if I get enough energy to get of my @$$. Even if it doesn’t get done it’s not the end of the world. So what if the nursery isn’t setup? Baby won’t be sleeping there for a while, so what if we don’t have most supplies we need? Thanks to grandma Fox baby won’t be naked or cold, diapers can be procured on short notice and most other items are luxuries meant for comfort and cuteness and not true basic necessities.

Am I ready psychologically? Who the heck knows? My answer to that is that I am as ready as I can be and I feel that it is ready enough. Is daddy Fox ready? you’ll have to ask him, excitement and anticipation are not in any short supply in that front.

A male friend online was having a debate on his wall about how cloth diapers aren’t good for the environment because of the energy needed to be used to launder them. Since several people were already involved in the debate I just scanned from the sidelines and moved on with my day without dipping my spoon in that pot but I do feel the need to point out in my own personal forum that yes, I know that extra laundry uses extra energy and water, I have already budgeted the cost of purchasing carbon offsets for the extra energy use, I still feel that a reusable diaper is a better choice than a disposable that after one use will clog up a landfill for generations to come.

And no, I don’t need anybody else to agree with or support my decision as long as my husband and baby are onboard. I don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions for anything in life and after all I’m sure that the employees at Pampers, Huggies, etc appreciate those people keeping their kids fed.

It’s unrealistic of me to hope that 100% of people will want to switch to cloth and many of them have very good reasons for it besides laziness or ignorance. I like the fact that companies like Seventh Generation, Tushies and gDiapers are trying to bring more earth friendly disposable options but they aren’t fully there yet. What I do hope is that enough people do consider their options to send a message to the disposable companies that they have a monetary incentive to research and develop disposable products that are better for the landfill and for babies’ health.

I want to point out that I fully endorse my friend’s (and everybody else’s) right to express their opinion regardless of my agreement with it. What I don’t endorse is making statements along the lines of “people that don’t agree with me are wrong/need to change their ways”. I have blogged many a times about friends that are taking approaches to life that are radically different than mine and shared my opposing opinion but I have never implied or stated that I think they should change their mind or do otherwise. I guess it all boils down to live and let live.

So now on to the next controversial topic…. placenta encapsulation. I have been looking into this for some time and the more I do, the more I want it. Please keep the “that’s cannibalistic” or “that’s gross” comments to yourself. Like everything else in life, it’s not for everyone. Either research it and be informed or keep your disgust to yourself. Information can be found at

Most people don’t give the placenta a second thought after birth, they just know it disappears never to be seen again, usually in the garbage. I knew from day one that I didn’t want that. The placenta holds a lot of spiritual symbolism and significance due to its current physical purpose and I want to honor that.

At first I was considering making placenta prints since they look cool but I found that messy and empty. I first casually read about how the Chinese eat their placenta and was amused but uninterested. It wasn’t until I was directly asked about my placenta plans a few months ago that I started to give it a lot of thought.

The more I talk to other moms that have done it, the more interested I become in doing it. I don’t care so much about having the “great pregnancy hair” longer but the “more energy, increased milk supply and no post-partum depression” are definite selling points when I hear other’s personal stories. So far I haven’t found a local person that offers the service but it looks easy enough as a DIY project with access to a food dehydrator. I’m not sure if I want to get that up close and personal with my placenta preparation but it would certainly be a cheap way to do it, about $6 for the capsules and about $20 to buy an used dehydrator on Craigslist or Goodwill if I can’t find one to borrow.

Next week will be baby’s first camping trip, I have no experience camping while in the third trimester so I expect that this will be a more laid back experience. I’m not particularly concerned except for how my back will handle sleeping on the floor. This time more than ever I am hoping for friendly weather.

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  1. Errata: Baby’s first camping trip actually took place last November mere days after conception before I had any idea that I was pregnant and before morning sickness made an appearance. But this time baby will be big enough to make mommy uncomfortable and listen to the drums!

  2. Bandora,
    You’ve helped open my eyes to something other than science and birth! Thank you.
    I am totally going to do the capsulated placenta when I give birth one day! It makes perfect sense 🙂
    Good luck with everything 🙂

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