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“You’re getting skinny!”, that’s the comment from the nurse at the doctor’s office after seeing me from one week to the next.  I’m not back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I’m definitely heading in the right direction without even trying.  The day after my C-section I looked like I was 5-6 months pregnant, now I don’t look pregnant anymore.  I’m not bikini ready yet but impressed at how quickly I’ve been heading back to my original size.

I do wish that I could eat better.  Being home alone with baby all day means that oftentimes I can’t stop to eat and when I do I just inhale something quick and probably unhealthy because I don’t have the time to prepare something else.  More than once I started to cook something only to not be able to eat it because Shammy woke up early.

At least when daddy Fox is home it’s easier to eat, he’s been known to feed me while I nurse because Shammy just won’t let go, lol.

I do have quite the struggle in the clothing department, right now I fit into a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes but they’re just not convenient.  Either they have elastic that sits right on the c-section scar or they are not nursing friendly.  I really need to stock up on nursing tank tops and bras but for that I have to first wait to receive my first short term disability check.  Meanwhile I have to do laundry every few days, very annoying…

It’s funny to watch the different dimensions of Shammy, sometimes he looks just like me, other times he looks just like daddy and the rest he looks like a cool combination of the two of us.  I absolutely LOVE to see the beaming look on daddy Fox’s face every time that someone says that Shammy looks like him.

A few days after he was born I created a Shutterfly website for Shaman’s pictures, I haven’t shared it with anyone yet as I’m not very consistent with updates but I figured that I’d share the link and people can choose to join the site if they wish.

Our 2 week nesting period is over so friends are now gradually visiting to meet baby so far our maid of honor and best man at our handfasting have come over. it also means that I no longer have an excuse to stay at home.

Surprisingly enough I don’t mind being at home, I thought that I would get more cabin fever but I really haven’t and when I do a quick trip to the store or a short car ride cures it.

Right now when we do go out I try to do it around baby’s nursing schedule, I don’t mind nursing in public but haven’t really mastered the art of walking down a supermarket aisle and nursing at the same time, perhaps with the right carrier…

I need to get myself a ring sling…

I hate the long days home alone.  I seem to have gotten the hang of the regular workdays and can make it through 9 hours alone without wanting to cry but next week daddy Fox will be gone from home for almost 15 hours and I have no clue how I’ll survive that, specially if Shammy decides to be Mr. Cranky Pants as he seems to be in another growth spurt.

So this baby is only 3 weeks old and I’m already being asked about a second baby.  It all started last week when during a diaper change daddy says “so when do you think we should look into having another one?” and yesterday my mother inquired about a second one and placed an order for a girl.

I am very impressed that breastmilk poop does not stink up the room despite not using a diaper pail whenever we use disposables, we’ll revisit the subject in 6 months when baby starts eating solids…

A lot of people think that because of the way the events in my son’s birth turned out that I would have changed my opinions regarding birth options, why would I?

I still believe that homebirth is the safest choice in a low risk pregnancy, I still believe that way too many cesareans are unnecessary.  So what if I didn’t have a homebirth and did end up with a c-section?  it certainly wasn’t out of convenience.  I’m glad that the medical establishment was there for us when we needed it but still wouldn’t recommend it as the first choice for a woman without complications.  And I will say, recovering from a c-section while taking care of a newborn is a bitch, pardon my french.  I am just now able to sneeze without feeling like my insides are going to burst.

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