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Adventures in Mommyhood- 7 weeks

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I was finally cleaning out the “Enfamil breastfeeding success” (hah!) bag from the hospital and found a form to receive a $5 rebate for the purchase of any breast pump in exchange for “important” information.  I don’t know if $5 is enough payment for me to be spammed by formula company propaganda.

Shammy just overwhelms me with all of the cute stuff that he does.  Daddy Fox has been teaching him to say “I love you”, I almost fell over the other day when Shammy responded with ” ai wuv wu”.  He now also says “hello” and decided to wake me up this morning that way, it’s a super cute way to wake up and I would take that any day over crying.

He has allowed me to shower 3 days in a row which is great, Dr. Punger says to enjoy that while it last because it will go away again, bummer.

I did end up getting a convertible car seat for him and I must say it is way better, Shammy loves it and now he only cries in it if he’s hungry or needs a diaper change and not just because he hates it.  In this process I became an expert at installing the darn thing, lol.  What I don’t like about this car seat is the fact that the button to release the harness is very hard and sometimes I have to struggle pressing with both thumbs for a while before it will release and giving me sore thumbs in the process.  I didn’t have that problem the first day so I must be getting weaker (in hindsight, I was developing a cold so yes, I’ve been weaker).

Shammy enjoyed the seat on his first road trip to Orlando, he slept happily the whole way there.  Grandma treated us to Shammy’s first trip to Disney and Shammy got to meet Mickey and friends!  I will say that I have never been excited about Disney until having this kid, lol.  He did remarkably well during that trip.

ignoring Minney Mouse

We attended Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween and Shammy was the cutest little skeleton baby and his costume glows in the dark!

The stroller didn’t get used as much while at Magic Kingdom as he became overstimulated very quickly and started to freak out, the only way that I was able to keep him calm while out of the Baby Center was if I wore him in my sling, thank goodness that I had the sense to bring it!

Shammy has personalized mouse ears!

People had warned me about nursing in public at Disney saying that I could only do it at the Baby Center and that I would get harassed if I tried it anywhere else.  I know my rights and refuse to have a hungry baby wait until I can get to the “nursing room” so I breastfed in public all over Disney in benches, at the hotel, in an ice cream shop in Downtown Disney and many more places and never once got bothered by anyone and had a happy baby.

the undead family

For this trip I tried out using gDiapers, they’re a hybrid diaper with a cloth pant and disposable insert that is fully biodegradable, they work really well as long as they are used right, I made the mistake of only giving Daddy Fox a very brief tutorial on how to use them before I went to lie down and had a major leak when Shammy was brought to me to nurse because the insert had one corner that wasn’t tucked in.  Overall the gDiapers are a good choice when traveling and not yet having a large cloth stash.

I have about given up using prefolds with Shammy, he just hates them, instead I use them on the changing table to deal with messes.  Little by little I will continue to get Bumgenius 4.0, I am thinking about selling the 3.0 stash that I have to fund the purchase of new ones, I also ordered 1 Flip diaper to try out and see how Shammy likes it, we’ll see…  I hope to soon have a decent enough stash so that I can go back to cloth diapering full time.

Shammy is growing tall like his daddy, he is up to 9 pounds and 15 ounces and 23 inches long!  I call him my wiener baby because he is long and skinny.

He has been turning into a bit of a momma’s boy lately, preferring to be with me when I’m around and crying if I leave the room, it’s very cute but it will make it that much harder for when I go back to work next week.  I’m so NOT looking forward to returning to work.

In other news we’re officially planning the Blessing Ceremony for Shammy’s 3 month birthday, I ordered the invites today so that they can go out by the end of next week since it will be on a busy weekend for many people.  It’s funny that my stress right now is about what Shammy is going to wear for it, and not a worry about what I may wear, lol.

the cutest giraffe ever
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  1. Cloth diaper is something that has an inner absorbent sheet attached to an outer waterproof layer with flexible closures. These diapers are used for babies only. If you need some advice on how to use cloth diapers, pls feel free to ask me.

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