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Adventures in Mommyhood- week 11

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I can haz Breeze Carrier?

Dear Santa or Ceiling Cat (whomever reads this first):

I’ve been a very good mom this year.  My baby Fox loves it when I wear him close but I can only do it indoors or when it’s cold.

The Baby K’Tan Breeze Carrier is the same style of sling that my baby already loves and would enable me to wear him anytime, anyplace including outdoors in the heat at fun places like the Farmer’s Market and Drum Circle without him sweating so much that he risks dehydration or worse, heat stroke.

the mesh provides cool breathability

I’ll be a very happy mom if Christmas comes early this year.


Mommy Fox

Last week I went to Halloween Horror Nights with the hubby, this is the longest time that I’ve been away from Shammy and the longest physical distance between us.  I did fairly well as long as I was distracted but I cried at all of the lines and really cried during the part with the cribs at the Orphanage haunted house, people must have thought that I was very scared.  I was in such a rush to be done and out of there that I even skipped going on my favorite ride.

Since I was away for so long I brought the pump along with me and due to time constraints I brought the battery pack to pump in the car.  I will say that pumping breast milk while in a moving vehicle is quite a sign of my commitment to breastfeeding and quite the labor of love.  Specially when hubby kept forgetting to warn me about bumps.  I got to do this twice that day, it was interesting to say the least and it would have made for a funny picture.

While away I had my first real drink since before I got pregnant, I had been good this whole time and I was away from Shammy long enough for it to be out of my system in time, I have a weakness for the bags of blood/ jello shots.

I’m glad that hubby drove on the way back because I would have had a major lead foot from being so anxious to hold my baby again.

Shammy is growing at an amazing speed, his latest costume size says that it fits up to 9 months and at just under 3 months is has barely outgrown it.

Super Shammy neutralizing crime with cuteness

On the EC front, I caught his first diaper free poop and I must say that it shoots out as such a projectile speed that he could get a job doing quality testing on hurricane shutters!  I haven’t really stepped up my EC efforts, I mainly try to see if I get lucky when I give him a few minutes of diaper free time in between changes.

I have been able to manage things so that I only need to use 2-3 disposable diapers per day and the rest of the time he is in cloth.  One pack of disposables now lasts 2 weeks.  I now make sure that I use cloth overnight and in the morning and leave the disposables for the afternoon when his output is more moderate and this method ensures that he can wear the same outfit all day.  Still dreaming of the day that I have enough cloth to not have to buy disposables anymore…

Last week I also applied for my dream job.  As I have previously mentioned, I would love to become a Peer Breastfeeding Counselor for WIC.  At the La Leche League meeting I asked a current counselor if there were any openings and she mentioned that one of them just resigned and there is an unlisted vacancy that they were not planning on posting.  So I got her supervisor’s name and sent her a letter and application directly, I would be beyond thrilled if this pans out.  Wish me luck!

On Saturday we took Shammy to his first Pumpkin Patch, you would think that he would have been all excited since he was dressed up for the occasion including pumpkin socks but instead he chose to sleep through the whole thing and no amount of handling woke him up during our stay, oh well.

I wish that he would sleep this deeply at home!

Shammy’s blessing ceremony is less than 2 weeks away and it also happens to be Shammy’s 3 month birthday, it will be short and sweet but look forward to being blessed with lovely weather in our backyard.

A $1,100 sling?! WTF!  Given that the standard sling for that brand averages $500 I can assume that it wasn’t a typo.  And here I am complaining when a carrier I like costs more than $100  (on the other hand, the carrier that I want is a measly $65, a bargain by comparison!)

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