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When a crunchy momma does a soggy thing

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I didn’t think that I would be blogging again before baby but here I am sitting a day before my scheduled c-section and have a lot in my mind.

I hang around the crunchy mama community in my area, it’s just my type of people because we have so much in common, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, etc.  It’s not surprising that the bulk of them are homebirthers as well.  Now that word has been spreading about my birth plans, I have been feeling a lot of judgment over the fact that I’m having a scheduled c-section.  I can see it being hard to understand why someone as crunchy as me would be planning something like this, if I was an outsider I would be shocked too.  A lot of the judgment has been indirect, nothing being said to my face but getting the look and tone that I know all too well and the things that I hear from 3rd parties confirm that it’s there.

I don’t really blame them for judging as I understand where they are coming from, the sad thing about it is that I guess I feel misunderstood because the vast majority of them don’t know WHY I’m stuck with a scheduled c-section.  Anybody that has been reading this blog since my first pregnancy knows how I feel about convenience c-sections with no medical reason but not everybody has read my blog, specially going that far back in time.

Most of them don’t know the circumstances that led to my first c-section as I don’t feel like constantly telling that story. Most of them don’t understand why a homebirth VBAC is not a viable option for us, specially with the providers in this area.  None of them know that an unassisted birth is not a viable option in my case.  Almost none of them know that the scar tissue in my cervix greatly reduces my odds of a successful VBAC making the effort of driving 1+ hour south or North to a hospital and doctor that would let me have a “trial of labor” is almost not worth the hassle and extra expense.

They also don’t understand that since my odds of having a successful VBAC are less than 50% I would also be setting myself up for a worse round of PPD/PTSD if I ended up with a repeat emergency section.

I did my research, I learned the risks. It was a very hard decision early in my pregnancy, I started planning a VBAC but the more I researched the available options the more I got discouraged.  I know many people that have had successful VBACs, some as recently as a few weeks ago but they don’t have the same risk factors that I do.

I admit that I’m scared but I would be even more scared of attempting a vaginal birth.  The fact that a Facebook friend recently attempted a VBAC at a hospital and her uterus ruptured thus depriving her baby of oxygen in the couple of minutes it took the doctor to perform the c-section and now she is burying her baby this week, it just breaks my heart and messes with my mind.  I know that the odds of that happening to me are very slim but they’re still there and her experience is too recent in my memory so it would sabotage me mentally.

I don’t expect everyone to understand, but since most people will just jump to conclusions without giving me a chance to explain why I had to get this out of my chest.

If all goes well by this time tomorrow I’ll be holding my new baby.  I’m ready but I’m also anxious and excited, no need to ask me if I am.  I am also nervous but that’s normal.  I probably won’t sleep tonight.

38weeks and 6 days, 2 days before the scheduled arrival of “Thing #2”
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White collar hippie, Pagan tree hugger and crunchy mama living in Florida with her husband and 2 sons. She works part time as a breastfeeding counselor, freelance virtual bookkeeper, and web designer along with homeschooling her children.

2 thoughts on “When a crunchy momma does a soggy thing

  1. I know the judgements hurts and that you don’t need reassurance that you’re doing the right thing. You are a well researched and thoughtful person and their judgments are being projected onto you by their fears and insecurities. I am not a mommy but have experienced the “M” word. Rock it out. You are a great mommy.

  2. I had to reply to this particular blog. You know I do understand, as we have the same problem. It’s funny how even the closest people in ur family sometimes they just don’t understand. In my case, my own father could not understand why I could not do a normal vaginal birth. How funny how he would tell me that in the old times women would give birth vaginal all the time! And I had to remind him, that there were still always the unfortunate mother and child back I that time, that for one reason or another, the birth would “complicate” and mother or child would pass away, or even both!! We are lucky to live in today’s age, and something like a scar tissue problem will be solved with a c-section and mother and child will be fine. Can u imagine if we didn’t have that option? I would be terrify of being pregnant! For my child an for myself. It is very unfortunate what happened to your friend. Very sad that I dont know her and I have tears in eyes just to imagine it. But you choose life! For your child and for you! And no one can possibly talk crap about that! I can’t wait to see “thing 2’s” pictures 😉 sooo excited for you!!!

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