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Reader Question: How to get started with homeschooling?

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Lucy asks:

“I want to homeschool my daughter also as I refuse to place her in public school and would rather spend the $$$ a private school would cost on her ballet, karate, and music classes plus educational trips. I feel completely lost and uneducated to the homeschool way. Can you recommend any websites or what not where I can get information, printouts to work with and materials? I want to start her off in Oct (second birthday) in a non structured way so we can get a feel for both our strengths and weaknesses.”


I have a LOOOOONG list of bookmarks on my computer but I have compiled a short list of the websites that have been most useful to me. Some of the resources below have a religious component. As I strive for secular schooling I simply skip the Bible and Creatonist based portions as the rest is usually high quality.

You can use these sites for inspiration and then come up with your own format. To know WHAT to teach I go to the state’s Department of Education website and get an idea for what is taught at the different age levels and choose what I want to do/not do or you can use this website for guidance

The most helpful websites for me so far:

Free homeschool deals
This is jam packed with information, I look forward to their e-mail newsletter to see what’s new. I specially like their Free Kindle Book list. This website has a companion Facebook group which I have learned a LOT from and I recommend you look for it,  it’s called “Affording the Homeschooling Life”.

Homeschool Giveaways
I like this site to get stuff that is free for a limited only, I have downloaded materials for future years just because I am saving a bundle by getting it for free now.

Confessions of a Homeschooler
This website has a lot of useful information along with some very affordable curriculums. I personally haven’t bought them but know people that like them.

Easy Peasy Homeschool
This is a completely free comprehensive curriculum. I use it as a “spine” for my planning and take out what I don’t like and supplement with other things.

Discovery K12
I haven’t used it yet but this is another completely free curriculum site that looks promising.

For early (toddler) pre-school (before Pre-K) stuff I like:
Chalk Preschool Online
ABC Mouse (not free but well worth it and you can get a 1 free month before deciding if it’s for you)
Starfall–  I personally don’t like it a lot but it’s a free alternative to ABC Mouse.

Pinterest can also be a wealth of resources, I specially like it for free printables, science and arts projects.

I hope this helps!

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