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“Last Day” of “PreK”

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Today is our “last day” of “PreK”. I put both inside quotation marks because it truly isn’t our last day of school, Shammy would have a fit if it was as he loves school too much.

The beauty of unschooling is that learning never ends, I just wanted a day for Shammy to cheer and get excited about having completed his first year of school. I put “preK” in quotation marks because we didn’t do school by grade, preK is the grade he would have been based on age if he had gone to a public or private school but the bulk of the schoolwork we completed this year was in the K to 2nd level range.


This homeschooling journey started as an experiment last year, I had no idea if it was going to work and I was fully prepared to abort if it didn’t. I must say that this year has exceeded all of my expectations. While things didn’t go the way I envisioned (when do they ever), I think we had a great year where Shammy and I learned a lot. His reading skills improved, his writing went from scribbles to full legible sentences with perfect spelling and his math skills soared from just counting to great addition, subtraction and basic multiplication, he loves weather charting and has found lots of new interests.

Since our learning journey isn’t ending for the summer, it will just be less “structured”. I am taking advantage of several free offerings from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. The co-op is offering several online educational resources completely free for the summer. No credit card to sign up, no remembering to cancel by a certain date to avoid getting charged. We just signed up for the Discovery Education Streaming Plus for free until August 31st and may sign up for free online music lessons as well.

The co-op is free to join and has a lot to offer, check it out here

So as I wrap up this year, I start to brainstorm about next year. Now that I know what to expect it’s a lot less overwhelming to think about.

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