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Our Online Resource Library

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In the last post I hinted at some new resources that we are now using so now I want to share the details in case somebody else can find it helpful as well.


We are not new to using online resources but we haven’t been consistent with them. We have been using things like ABC Mouse, BrainPOP and Reading Eggs for a while.  It can be difficult to keep track of resources, remember logins and the cost can add up if signing up for several services which is why I tended to stay away from most of them.


This is why I was thrilled to become part of a new online cooperative that simplifies everything while offering substantial savings on some of the most popular educational resources.


This was a modern case of “being in the right place, at the right time”.  I just happened to be online and on the right group when somebody was coordinating a group buy for a discounted subscription to BrainPOP.  There was so much interest that the group grew and a homeschooling mom decided to coordinate similar group buys for other services.  In just a few months this evolved into an online cooperative offering a charter membership with great benefits.


The main benefit of being a charter member of the Griffin Cooperative Academy is access to a Clever portal, this is a one-stop dashboard linking a plethora of resources in one screen, many of them with 1-click login.   The membership offerings have varied slightly but currently includes:  a Discovery Streaming membership for 1 student. In addition, members now get access to Learn 360, BrainPop, BrainPop Jr, BrainPOP Espanol, BrainPop Francais, Scholastic Go, Scholastic FreedomFlix, Scholastic True Flix and Scholastic ScienceFlix, Flocabulary, Rockalingua, PollyLingual, Enchanted Learning, Amplify Fractions, MathAntics Premium, Books that Grow and more. We also have Tumblebooks and Bookflix, but those may not always be included.


Some of these resources are free but others would cost a lot more if purchased “a la carte”.  Being a member also gives you access to discounted pricing on other products such as Acellus, CTC, Edmentun, Minecraft for Education and more.  I also get access to classes, free academy e-mail and Microsoft Office Online so the value is definitely there.


My favorite thing is the Clever Portal.  I no longer have to remember logins, keep track of bookmarks, etc.  Now I just log onto my dashboard and click the appropriate icon.  This means that we are using our online resources more, it’s less work for me and it’s more fun for the kids.
If you already subscribe to an online service such as Time4Learning, you can easily access that account through the same portal.
Just some of the resources linked through our online dashboard
If you are interested in signing up I recommend that you do it soon, in just one month the yearly membership price has gone up and the offerings have changed slightly so you don’t want to miss out.  I was able to join when the price was lower and Mobymax was included, that is no longer an option for new memberships but the other features still make it a great value.
When you join you will be invited to an exclusive Facebook group where you can get more details on how to get setup, view a video walking you through the portal and ask questions.   The group’s founder has a lot of great plans and ideas and is working hard to add new things so please bear with her as there may be some confusion or kinks here are there while things are ironed out.


To learn more and sign up visit
Disclaimer:  This is an unsolicited and unbiased review, I do not get anything in exchange for you signing up with the exemption of access to whatever new products the academy is able to purchase with your fee for the enjoyment of all members.
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