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Free Printable Homeschool Tracking Forms

There was enough interest on the homeschool planning forms that I had created that I am making them available to you in hopes that you find them useful.


Please note that my forms are plain because I value function over aesthetics. If you want pretty fonts, clip art and colorful pages you will find better options on Google.

The forms are:

  • Weekly Log- can be used for planning or after the fact tracking
  • Attendance Record
  • Resource List
  • Field Trip Log
  • Reading Log
  • NEW! Unschooling Log

I decided against creating a grade log because it turns out that I already had the right solution in the form of an Excel spreadsheet that I had downloaded years ago and forgotten that I had so I wasn’t going to reinvent that wheel.

All forms are available for free download for all e-mail subscribers. You can download them individually or get all forms in one file (plus cover and 2017-2018 calendar).

I am doing things a little differently from other homeschool bloggers that give free printables. While all of my forms are available for free download as-is, what is different is that if you want to have a simple modification made to the form (such as add, delete or rename a subject, change the font, change the title of the form, have your child’s name and grade added, etc), I’ll be happy to do it for you for a very nominal charge of just $0.99 per change.

I make this offer because I would have preferred to pay somebody else that has a free printable a couple of dollars to remove “Bible” from the subject list or to change the font than to have to create my own thing from scratch because I couldn’t violate their copyright and change it myself.


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Reinventing the Wheel

As those have been reading for a while know, I have been using Lessontrek Online Planner for the last 2 years. Unfortunately this solution hasn’t been working so well this school year. They haven’t added any new features and the Gradebook is still in Beta status. Customer service, while friendly, isn’t very good at fixing things in a timely manner and they haven’t made any of the improvements that they said are in the works for over 18 months so I am tired of waiting and have decided to do something else for next year.

Things weren’t so bad when I was using pen and paper but I want something better than the $0.18 notebook that I used to have. Printed homeschool planners tend to have more bells and whistles than I need so I decided to find a printable planner that I can just print the pages I want and ignore the rest.

Google has a huge amount of printable planners available, both free and paid from the very fancy to the very simple with the ability to mix and match as needed. With so many choices you think that I would have been able to create just what I wanted, right?… wrong!

Most forms were too fancy, or had the wrong layout, or had too many fields, others had a perfect layout but they ruined it by adding “Bible” as a subject or printing a bible quote in the footer, the rest were limited to 30 or 36 weeks of instruction when I homeschool year round, or I would find one that would work but it’s in landscape mode and I want it in portrait mode… After seeing how many hours I was wasting in this process I decided that it would be faster to just create my own, and it was.

Planner Cover
The only page that I got “fancy” for was the cover and still tried to keep it simple

I created my first form in 10 minutes and an entire planner in just a couple of hours. As a career accountant, I value functionality over aesthetics so it’s very fast for me to design a table that while it may look boring to most, it gets the job done. I don’t care about fancy fonts and colorful clip art so I don’t waste time on that. In the end I have been creating a complete planner that I can then upload to a printer’s website to have printed and bound.

My planner is very different from any other planner that I see online. I shouldn’t even call it a planner as it’s really a tracker. I will use it to track what has been done on a weekly basis. That is how I have been using Lessontrek and it’s how I would like to continue.

So far I have created:
– Year calendar with holidays
– Attendance Tracker
– Weekly Assignment Log
– Homeschool Resource Log
– Reading Log
– Field Trip Log

I could send this to the printer and be happy but I am toying with the idea of also creating a Grade Tracker. While I don’t use tests and teach to mastery, I do grade assignments to have an idea of strengths and weaknesses for lesson planning. My son has no idea that he is graded, this is only for my personal purposes but I have gotten used to doing it.

I have not found a suitable printable for that so it looks like I will be designing my own as well.

Once everything is finalized I am toying with the idea of making the PDF forms available for free download to my subscribers if there is enough interest.

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Exclusive Planner Offer- Hurry!

As you already know, I switched to Lessontrek online planner late last school year and I’ve been happy with how much peace and time savings it’s given my type A/perfectionist self.

Drag and Drop lessons
Entered in the wrong date? Life happened and you need to reschedule? Just drag and drop

When I used a paper planner I hated making mistakes because I wanted everything to look perfect. So when I made an error last week and didn’t notice that I entered all of the assignments on the wrong date on Lessontrek, it wasn’t a big deal as I was able to just drag and drop the assignments to the correct date. It took seconds to fix and I didn’t have to type anything over.

I am also saved a lot of time and typing as I am able to copy the previous week to use as a template and just change as necessary. Record keeping has become so quick and easy! You can read my previous review here.

Save Money!

Lessontrek is offering an exclusive deal to my readers to save $45 on a year subscription to their online planner. So for less than the cost of the average homeschool paper planner you can get a full year of ease and convenience. You can only get the code here but hurry! it expires on August 24th, 2016.

To claim your special offer go to and select the “Annual Subscription” Box. Make sure that you enter the code HM45 in the Discount Code section to get your special rate.

This code will only work with the annual option and the discount will apply for the first year. If you don’t want to be charged again just make sure that you cancel before the year is up.

Tell your friends!