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Not Your Average Fake Mommy Blog

I recently read the viral rant of a former mommy blogger complaining about how fake she had to be to make a living out of blogging. This is something that I have noticed as well and which is why I don’t tend to read most other mommy blogs.

Not every blogger is like this but it happens often enough to give this community a bad rep.

I will occasionally read homeschooling blogs and have to dig through the fluff of sponsored posts for the real meaty content that I need, not cool.

You don’t have to worry about that here, I don’t blog to make money, I don’t write to increase page hits. My goal isn’t to go viral or become an Internet celebrity; I just want to write about what’s on my mind and if it helps someone along the way that would be a nice plus.

A lot of other bloggers don’t like me for this, they think that we should all be “influencer marketers”. They think that we shouldn’t write for free and there is a whole industry of books, seminars and conference for mommy bloggers to teach you how to do it “right”. I don’t see myself ever paying for that.

When I write a review about a product it’s because I like reading reviews from others when I am shopping and my experience may help somebody else make a purchasing decision. With the exception of some books I review on Amazon, I don’t get the product for free or get paid to write a review and I will always disclose those cases. Yesterday I was approached by a toy rental company offering me free toys because I am a “social influencer” they say they would love a review but it’s not required, I like that offer better than other companies that approached me offering me money to write a post about my life with some carefully staged pictures of my family with their products and wanted to have editorial oversight on what I wrote.  I will never do that, I don’t even know if I’ll accept the free toys that are supposedly no strings attached.

fake mommy blogWhile I am not against making money (and gods know that I could definitely use some), I refuse to have to cater my content to the whims of a sponsor. I want to write about what I want to when I want to without self censoring. A lot of blogs show these perfect lives that don’t reflect reality because the writers are not allowed to be honest and can’t write anything other than positive things or risk losing their sponsorship income.

I could add a bunch of ads to the page and make money that way but I don’t find the income to be worth the visual hassle as I hate visiting blogs bloated with advertising so I don’t want the same for mine.

For full disclosure, this blog does generate a tiny amount of revenue from the handful of affiliate ads on the sidebar. The amount is so minor that it doesn’t even come close to paying for the hosting of this website. You can rest assured that whatever I write here is because it’s important to me and not because anybody wanted to sell something to you through me.

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No, I won’t boycott Target or sign your petition

As opinionated as I am, I usually stay quiet on divisive and controversial debates because it’s time consuming and quite frankly I’d rather read a book or cuddle my kids.

But seeing the recent uproars, petitions and threat to boycott Target over the transgender bathroom issue I was upset enough to speak up. But since I don’t want to lose hours/days/weeks sucked into a Facebook debate about why I won’t sign the petition people keep sending me I’d rather rant on my virtual home where I can get it off my chest and then go back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Predators and perverts don’t need a law to give them “permission” to enter a women’s bathroom. They have never cared about the laws and it has never stopped them from going in if they wanted to. Using the “I identify as female excuse” goes only as far as peeing, pooping and washing hands and it doesn’t give them permission to harrass or assault someone so no, the stores/the government aren’t telling them it’s ok to hurt you or your kids.

In my freshman year of college I shared a bathroom with a man that identified as a woman and I was less threatened by him that by some of the transgender bathroombiological females that used the restroom. As the semester progressed I became friendly with her (as she requested to be identified) and was told horrifying stories of the abuse, bullying and sexual assault that she had endured when forced to use the mens restroom when in high school.

They are people too, they have a right to pee in peace as well.

I once had a man barge in to the women’s bathroom at a public venue that I was using and tried to expose himself while making lewd comments. The law back then didn’t give him any excuse whatsoever to enter the restroom and yet he still did it. Did I blame the law? Did I allow myself to be a victim and just cried about it? No! I kicked him in the balls and sprayed his face with tear gas before reporting him to management to call the police.

Worried about your kids? Go to the bathroom with them, educate them on what they can do to defend themselves. Worried about your safety when going to the restroom? Learn situational awareness, take a self defense class, arm yourself, don’t be passive waiting to become an easy victim.

Remember, predators, rapists and creepers can be any gender. Only law abiding citizens follow the law and they are not who you have to worry about.

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Media Typos

I used to consider traditional mass media (newspapers and TV news) to be good role models for spelling and grammar. That is no longer the case. I am sure that the deterioration has been gradually going on for years but since I neither read newspapers nor watch the the TV news I was missing it the transition.

It is terribly easy to transpose a couple of letters when typing quickly, and to fail to notice one’s mistake. Who hasn’t done that? But some of the errors I see go way beyond that to using words completely out of context.

Now I see so many spelling errors, grammatical errors, slang and even incorrect use of words that it makes me sad about the state of education in this country that editors are missing such big mistakes so often.

media typo

If you type “media typos” into Google you’ll see a lot of examples that will have you shaking your head and making you wonder if nobody ever proofreads anymore.

Is this a reflection on the state of our educational system? I wouldn’t be surprised given how rarely do I see quality writing at work, and even with a lot of the Kindle books that I read from the Amazon store. It seems that those able to write decent sentences seem to be of an older generation and a lot of people seem to rely on auto-correct instead of a real editor.

While English has been my primary language for 15 years, it was my second language for the first half of my life so seeing errors like these always confuse me at first and make me question myself.  It amazes me how many people read the example above and don’t catch the error.   As a homeschooler, this is something that I will need to keep in mind with my children to ensure that they don’t have the same level of confusion once they are older and start to have more media exposure.