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Adventures in Mommyhood- weeks 13 and 14

A lot of moms don’t notice these details but Shammy was conceived during the last week a year ago, how is that for TMI?

This installment of my blog is late because the days where I would normally write were busy beyond words.  The last week was very action packed and special, the weekend specially was non-stop for poor Shammy which was such a trooper through all of the chaos.

He got to meet his cousin that is only a few weeks younger, he had his blessing ceremony on his 3 month birthday and celebrated his first Halloween.

His blessing ceremony was short and simply but very symbolic and special to me, he cried through most of it from the over stimulation and promptly fell asleep immediately after it ended.  We were blessed by the presence of close friends and family and Shammy was showered with lovely gifts, many of which we needed and as a result we are now able to cloth diaper full time.  No more sposies in this house!

we had a tie dye theme at the blessing

Shammy also got to celebrate his first Halloween, we took him Trick or Treating and its amazing how everyone would say “here’s a lollipop, something that you can actually eat”, WTF?  I wonder how many ignorant parents actually give their 3 month old baby a lollipop.

Trick or Treating with his cousin Matthew

Over a week ago Shammy weighed in at 12.5 pounds, this was not a scientific assessment as I just got on the scale with and without him and did the math.  He doesn’t have a doctor’s appointment until the end of November and his last weigh in had been in September so I wanted to have an October figure.

It’s amazing how people expect breastfed baby to weigh the same as formula fed babies.  Formula babies tend to gain weight faster for various reasons but primarily because they barely lose any weight during the first days of life so they don’t have the same “catch-up” period.  A breastfed baby’s growth is not linear and does catch up to formula babies during the second half of the first year.  He is right on track according to WHO’s growth chart for breastfed babies, I don’t have a length measurement so I couldn’t fully compare.

What is growing really fast are his nails, I find myself trimming them every other day and he still manages to scratch his face or my chest.

A person on the internet commented about Shammy having “Gerber cheeks”, I corrected her and told her that he has “boobie cheeks” and her response was “oh, so what does he eat?”  ::facepalm::

On the teething front, the miracle remedy, Hyland’s Teething tablets were recalled less than a week after we started using them.  It was a voluntary recall and after researching the reports I don’t feel like Shammy was in any kind of danger but we stopped using them as a precaution.  We tried using an alternate brand with the same ingredients and it majorly sucked, it brought no relief whatsoever so we ended up ordering an amber teething necklace that seems to be helping quite a bit.

Speaking of necklaces, having a baby is interfering with my ability to wear necklaces as Shammy has more than once hit his forehead on my pendant he leans on to my chest with enthusiasm.  I don’t mind, I can wear them again in a few years…

Shammy has gotten way too big for his Arm’s Reach Cosleeper but I was nowhere near being ready to have him move to another room, I was ready to move myself to his room if necessary.  So after discussing it with hubby we agreed to move his crib to our bedroom for extended co-sleeping.  Our house features narrow doors and hallway so the crib was not coming out whole.  When I become obsessed with something I don’t rest until it’s done.  While hubby entertained Shammy I single-handedly disassembled, relocated and reassembled the crib.  All in time for Shammy’s bedtime.

I am very happy about this and even though I wish that I could cuddle and sleep with him all night, I feel good knowing that I can watch him sleep from bed and be within easy reach.

Today I got to pack up the Arm’s Reach co-sleeper, the latest reminder that I don’t have a newborn anymore. ::sniff::

It’s amazing how quickly he is growing.  The other day we had a home visit to learn infant massage and the instructor was impressed at how advanced he is for a 3 month old.  She made several comments along the lines of “in a few weeks he will start to ….” and we would respond “he has already been doing that for xx weeks!”.

The other day he blew me away when I put my phone to his ear when I was talking to hubby, upon hearing his father’s voice he would normally smile but this time he did one better and added a very clear and audible “hello” on the phone, too freaking cute.

Shortly after receiving the Baby K’Tan carrier that I won, I wore Shammy to vote.  I made sure that he was facing out and he helped me vote by touching the ballot and holding the marker as I circled the votes.  He got his very own “I voted early” sticker.

Now that I’m able to cloth diaper full time I have also been using cloth wipes, they work much better than disposable wipes I must say.  I don’t have enough wipes yet so instead of buying some I plan to use some of the extra receiving blankets that we have and no longer need and cutting them into wipes, I don’t know how to serge so I may have some fraying but they will still get the job done.

Speaking of cloth diapers, I discovered that Mommy’s Touch has come up with a jean like diaper cover, I WANT!!!  and then there’s the camo one…. disposables are so boring compared to this!

On my current cloth diapering stash I’m using Bumgenius 4.0 for nights and outings, I don’t have enough of them for full time diapering so during the day at home I’m using Bumkins countour diapers and assorted covers including Thirsties Duo, Mommy’s Touch one size and several WAHM covers.

I find myself making a conscious effort not to be a breastfeeding nazi, I apply the live and let live philosophy but the hard part is not automatically sounding like a salesperson when talking about it.  I seem to have developed a windex mentality in regards to breastmilk (think of the father in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding).  Have a rash?  put some breastmilk on it, runny nose?  put some breastmilk on it.  Eczema?  put some breastmilk on it.  Pink eye?  put some breastmilk on it…. and so on and so forth.  I have made a habit of putting breastmilk on the scratches that Shammy gets on his face and it dramatically speeds up the healing.

And why not? breastmilk is so amazing that it makes cancer cells commit suicide!

Indonesia has passed a law making it mandatory to breastfeed for 6 months and applying hefty penalties if someone (including the mother, doctor, etc) interferes.  As much as I want to get behind this, the law is not without its flaws.

I’m sure there are stipulations for the 2-4 percent of women who physically cannot breastfeed and they include in this law protection for women who have to work, so that’s not an issue. Telling women they absolutely have to breastfeed while not providing them with adequate education and support is setting them up to fail. Even with their three month’s paid maternity leave, their breastfeeding education is even worse than ours in the US with less people to turn to in case of problems.  you have to teach people how to do something before you can expect people to actually do it right.

But it is still a step in the right direction!

Elimination communication is starting to work without much effort.  Shammy is now getting into the habit of peeing during every diaper free time, saving me one diaper change.  I’m also learning his poop patterns although I haven’t yet tried the potty on that one.

This week I plan to starting teaching him sign language for basic things like milk, sleep, bath, etc.  We’ll see how that goes…

my favorite picture of the cousins
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Adventures in Mommyhood- week 12

Way back in my college days, I heard the advice to do something each day that scared you. At 18 not enough things had me shaking in my boots to do one each and every day. Besides there was tequila to drink. Flash forward 10 years  to the day I am staring at a positive pregnancy test and I realize life is about to get way more interesting. With way less tequila.

Being a Mama scared me from the day we took our  little bundle of awesomeness out of my womb. He looked so small and the world seemed so large. We soldiered on getting past our first tub bath, conquering the Baby K’Tan sling, and surviving those first few hours away from each other.

I had a huge emotional breakdown with full time work so I chose to stay at home with baby and find part time work.  This was my decision and I was very comfortable with it, but goodness if it didn’t terrify me also. What would my days be like? Who would I be as a parent?  Would I get to shower each day?

I would be able to figure this all out. Our days would take shape around playing, new friends, and smooshy hug fests on the living room floor. Some days I would even shampoo my hair. More importantly though, each day we would do something that would thrill us.

This is a lovely poem that summarizes my feelings about babywearing:

I Will Carry You
I love that I can kiss your head
Just inches away from my lips
Our hearts beat together as I carry you
Perched up high you see my world
Then turn your head in and sleep
Resting on me you are safe
Your body next to mine you are secure
We are in tune in this external womb
In my arms you will be
Until you are ready to venture out
But until then, I promise,

I will carry you.

~ Michelle Abernathy

I believe in miracles.  Ceiling Cat or Santa read my letter from last week’s blog about my wish for a Baby K’Tan Breeze Carrier.  Guess my surprise this morning when I log on to Facebook and discover that I was one of three winners of this carrier at the giveaway that the manufacturer was having on their Facebook page.  Shammy was laughing at me as I did my happy dance, lmao.

So this week  Shammy is in a taste of massive change.  I had been in denial about this for weeks thinking “it’s too soon!” but I can’t ignore the fact that he’s teething!  Oh my goodness.  Once I accepted the fact and did something about ithe is back to happy baby.  I must say that Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething tablets are the bomb,  no Tylenol or Baby Orajel here!  On  a later note, these tablets are now under a voluntary recall, great timing…  So instead I’m now looking to get him an amber teething necklace.


Teething on a rare occasion where his cloth diaper matches his clothes

He’s also entered the massive hair shedding stage.  He has about half of the hair that he had when he was born and he’s got a bald spot on his head.  All I ask is that he maintains enough hair to have his “fiercehawk” for his Blessing ceremony next week.  After that he can go bald for all I care as I know that it’ll grow back in due back.


Bald spot and ducky butt

As much as I love sleeping until I wake up naturally, I must admit that when both of my boys come to wake me because the little boy is ready to eat I just get the best feeling and no desire to press the snooze button.  That’s the best way to wake up in the morning.

I’m back to work but this time I’m doing it right, gradually.  I’ve landed some part time work that doesn’t keep me away from baby for too long during the day and I’m constantly busy while working unlike at my old job where I had too much time to think about how much I miss him.  It’s not a steady number of hours but it is better than nothing and I’m enjoying it.  I no longer dread working.

I’m still in the process of bringing Bandora’s Lair/Healing Treasures out of hibernation.  The website is up but not finished but at least most of the info is up.  I haven’t started promoting yet because there are a lot of elements that I need to finish and it’s taking me longer than usual because I’m regularly interrupted by a cute baby.  You can check it out at and pardon the dust let me know of any broken links.


showing off his toes

And interesting side effect of motherhood is the development of selective bionic hearing.  After damaging my hearing by dancing on top of too many giant speakers in my late teens I have trouble understanding what my husband says when standing right next to me but I can clearly hear Shammy sucking his thumb or sighing 2 rooms over.  I don’t need no baby monitor, lol.

I was sitting in a bench outside of the fitting rooms at Walmart nursing my baby while getting a wide array of stares that kept me amused during the whole nursing session.  I’m 100% comfortable with public nursing but many moms are not and many babies like Shammy can’t stand nursing covers so I got to thinking about what could be done to help more moms overcome this obstacle to breastfeeding.

I thought about lobbying commercial interests and potentially government to make access to breastfeeding friendly spaces such as the Mother’s Room at Babies R’ Us, that is when I came across an amazing concept  Mom’s Breastaurant and I was thrilled.  This is a non-profit that sets up a private and quiet place at festivals, concerts and fairs for nursing mothers to breastfeed.  Even somebody like me that doesn’t mind being seen nursing would benefit from this because let’s face it, it can be near impossible to find a place to sit at some events and babies can become distracted.  I love this concept and can’t wait for it to make its way to Florida, perhaps I may have to get involved for this to happen!

Last Saturday we got to use Shammy’s 4th Halloween costume, devil baby.  It was soo cute!  He was sleep deprived and teething leading to a cranky baby whose face color matched his costume but we were able to get a normal looking picture:

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Adventures in Mommyhood- week 11

I can haz Breeze Carrier?

Dear Santa or Ceiling Cat (whomever reads this first):

I’ve been a very good mom this year.  My baby Fox loves it when I wear him close but I can only do it indoors or when it’s cold.

The Baby K’Tan Breeze Carrier is the same style of sling that my baby already loves and would enable me to wear him anytime, anyplace including outdoors in the heat at fun places like the Farmer’s Market and Drum Circle without him sweating so much that he risks dehydration or worse, heat stroke.

the mesh provides cool breathability

I’ll be a very happy mom if Christmas comes early this year.


Mommy Fox

Last week I went to Halloween Horror Nights with the hubby, this is the longest time that I’ve been away from Shammy and the longest physical distance between us.  I did fairly well as long as I was distracted but I cried at all of the lines and really cried during the part with the cribs at the Orphanage haunted house, people must have thought that I was very scared.  I was in such a rush to be done and out of there that I even skipped going on my favorite ride.

Since I was away for so long I brought the pump along with me and due to time constraints I brought the battery pack to pump in the car.  I will say that pumping breast milk while in a moving vehicle is quite a sign of my commitment to breastfeeding and quite the labor of love.  Specially when hubby kept forgetting to warn me about bumps.  I got to do this twice that day, it was interesting to say the least and it would have made for a funny picture.

While away I had my first real drink since before I got pregnant, I had been good this whole time and I was away from Shammy long enough for it to be out of my system in time, I have a weakness for the bags of blood/ jello shots.

I’m glad that hubby drove on the way back because I would have had a major lead foot from being so anxious to hold my baby again.

Shammy is growing at an amazing speed, his latest costume size says that it fits up to 9 months and at just under 3 months is has barely outgrown it.

Super Shammy neutralizing crime with cuteness

On the EC front, I caught his first diaper free poop and I must say that it shoots out as such a projectile speed that he could get a job doing quality testing on hurricane shutters!  I haven’t really stepped up my EC efforts, I mainly try to see if I get lucky when I give him a few minutes of diaper free time in between changes.

I have been able to manage things so that I only need to use 2-3 disposable diapers per day and the rest of the time he is in cloth.  One pack of disposables now lasts 2 weeks.  I now make sure that I use cloth overnight and in the morning and leave the disposables for the afternoon when his output is more moderate and this method ensures that he can wear the same outfit all day.  Still dreaming of the day that I have enough cloth to not have to buy disposables anymore…

Last week I also applied for my dream job.  As I have previously mentioned, I would love to become a Peer Breastfeeding Counselor for WIC.  At the La Leche League meeting I asked a current counselor if there were any openings and she mentioned that one of them just resigned and there is an unlisted vacancy that they were not planning on posting.  So I got her supervisor’s name and sent her a letter and application directly, I would be beyond thrilled if this pans out.  Wish me luck!

On Saturday we took Shammy to his first Pumpkin Patch, you would think that he would have been all excited since he was dressed up for the occasion including pumpkin socks but instead he chose to sleep through the whole thing and no amount of handling woke him up during our stay, oh well.

I wish that he would sleep this deeply at home!

Shammy’s blessing ceremony is less than 2 weeks away and it also happens to be Shammy’s 3 month birthday, it will be short and sweet but look forward to being blessed with lovely weather in our backyard.

A $1,100 sling?! WTF!  Given that the standard sling for that brand averages $500 I can assume that it wasn’t a typo.  And here I am complaining when a carrier I like costs more than $100  (on the other hand, the carrier that I want is a measly $65, a bargain by comparison!)